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We adapt the gemstones of nature into exceptional architectural constructions

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Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Επικοινωνία
Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Υπηρεσίες

Materials supply

We supply the best materials to a wide range of customers either wholesale or retail with marble, granite and other natural and artificial materials. We cater for the purchasing needs of volumes, slabs, special sizes, special artistic pieces and so on.
We also manufacture tables, sinks and various decorations made of marble.
We are a vertical unit for the production, processing and supply of materials.

Our materials are usually supplied to Private and Public Projects, Architects, Technical Companies, Hotels, Residential Buildings, Shopping Centres, Catering Centres etc.
Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Υπηρεσίες


Strogilis Marble, through its many years of experience in the field of marble, has many great projects of exceptional architectural design and stunning beauty.

Project assignment

Strogilis Marble, is able to handle any scale project from start to delivery. Regardless of size or difficulty, the company's experienced staff can carry out any project from design, material selection, construction advice, transport and installation of materials.
Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Υπηρεσίες
Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Υπηρεσίες


We pay special attention to the correct and safe packaging of our products. The materials we use are from certified timber so that they remain in excellent condition until they reach the final recipient.


We are ready to assist you with anything you need before, during and after the sale. We want to be close to our customers, giving them solutions, building a strong relationship of trust. Our goal is to fully satisfy and support our customer as the company's biggest investment is the customer.
Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Υπηρεσίες