Strogilis Marbles

We adapt the gemstones of nature into exceptional architectural constructions

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Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Επικοινωνία
Παραγωγή Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης


The first production of our material is on the mountain. Nature offers this beautiful material called marble. By closely monitoring the quarries from which our materials are produced, we choose the best volumes to later convert them into slabs or to offer them raw as raw material to our customers.
Παραγωγή Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης

Production of Plates

The production of slabs is the second stage of our production as we cut the blocks into slabs having the thickness we need. Then and if necessary, there is the process of plaiting the plates. Then, we shape the surface of each slab according to demand, glossy, matte, striking, striped, etc. Finally, the necessary sorting and placement are made in the appropriate premises.

Cutting Special Dimensions

The production of special dimensions is the next step in production, but it has many different steps. Now we give even more form and life to our materials as we cut them to the dimensions required by each project with the special automatic milling machines, shape the edges of the pieces in the milling machine and now we can have a product that can be delivered to the customer.
Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Παραγωγή
Μάρμαρα Στρογγύλης Παραγωγή

Artistic Department

The artistic department may be the most creative part of our production as we now produce works of amazing beauty. With CNC machines we are able to build that you dream with absolute precision. From small marble objects to large-size works, special constructions, columns, busts, floor and wall designs, three-dimensional and linear drawings and much more.