In 1979 Spiros Strogilis, along with his son Leonidas, established the Strogilis Marble Corporation in Levadia. A small business that has as its object the trade and manufacture of marble and granite.

After a lot of hard work and awareness of the market, our business managed to be at the forefront of the marble area. As a result of continuous development, in 1989, a new land of 30.000 cm was bought with state-of-the-art facilities of 2.000 cm as well as mechanical machinery. In 1990 the first exports to the USA, Japan and Italy began. Our business started to exploit the quarries of French Vanilla, Santa Helena and Desert Peach, as well as take part in the largest exhibitions worldwide, acknowledging the marble of its quarries and supplying them in the global market.

In 2002, our business reinvested its capital by buying new land of 18.000 cm, building a new factory of sound mechanical machinery and a new exhibition area of 18.000 cm.

In 2013 Leonidas’ son, Spiros, entered the business having plenty of imagination and new business planning as far as the Greek marble export in the global market is concerned. Consequently his innovative ideas and that new perception are well combined with the 40-year experience, creating an excellent outcome.