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Strogilis Marble Corporation was established in 1979 in Levadia (Voitia, Greece) having as an object the processing and marketing of marble and granite.

From the moment of its establishment until today, our company has had high growth rates, a fact that brings it at the forefront of the marble and granite area. With continuous investments, we maintain and run privately owned and modern facilities that cover even the most demanding works.

Strogilis Marble Corporation has shown an intense activity both on the domestic and international market.

Possessing French Vanilla, Levadia Pink, Bianco Veins as well as exclusive and purchasing marble agreements, we provide a wide variety of Greek marble worldwide.

We supply major public and private works with marble and granite within the territory of Greece.


The quarries we own

French Vanilla

French Vanilla Marble is the most beautiful, famous and the brightest beige marble in the world

Bianco Veins

Bianco Veins Marble underlines the vitality of the white marble along with the light grey veins as well as its fancy glow.

Levadia Pink

Levadia Pink Marble is a marble with extraordinarily beauty and rare colour. An excellent choice for beautiful constructions


We adapt precious stones from nature to amazing architectural constructions.


We implement our products in order to give an excellent outcome of quality and luxury in any room of your house.


We provide solutions to hotels, covering the whole range of works, ie. flooring, bathrooms, reception, spa etc

Bar & Restaurant

We apply our marble to constructions like banks, bar stalls and wall covering, providing luxury solutions to consumption and entertainment areas.


We are able to take on the most demanding constructions of churches.


36 years of corporate responsibility in marble and granite manufacture